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The Complete Guide to Selling Inherited Property

Have you recently inherited a property you don’t want to keep? The process of selling inherited property is a bit different from the standard home-selling process. 

Consider things like taxes, legal rights, and the timeline of the sale. It may even be worth reaching out to a financial consultant for guidance on your situation. 

There are, however, ways to avoid all of that with cash offers from reputable buyers like Real Estate Bidders.  

In this guide, you’ll learn the ins and outs of selling inherited property, including how you can get a cash offer for your property—in as little as 24 hours. 

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What types of property can be inherited?

You can inherit a variety of assets, ranging from tangible items to financial investments. 

An estate plan (when there is one) typically details the distribution of these assets. You may be the sole beneficiary or one of many beneficiaries. A legal counsel can help you sort those details out. 

Inherited family homes are often the most valuable asset found in estate plans. However, various types of property can be passed down.  

Types of inherited real estate could include:

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Mixed-use properties
  • Vacation homes
  • Land

Can you sell an inherited property?

Yes, you can sell inherited property, but there are several factors to consider before doing so. When you inherit property, it's essential to understand your legal rights and the processes involved. 

Property transfer

First, ensure that the property transfer is legally completed, which typically involves probate, a court-supervised process for authenticating a deceased person's will.

Evaluate the property

Once the property is legally yours, assess its condition and market value. This might involve getting the property appraised and conducting any necessary repairs or renovations to enhance its marketability. 

Remember, the state of the property can significantly influence its selling price.

Tax considerations

Another key step is to understand the tax implications. Inherited properties often come with potential capital gains tax, which is calculated based on the property's value at the time of inheritance versus its selling price. 

Consult with a tax professional to understand how this could affect your financial situation.

The right time to sell

If you decide to sell, choosing the right time is crucial. 

Market conditions can greatly impact the sale's success. Enlisting the help of a real estate agent experienced in handling inherited properties can provide valuable guidance through this process.

Selling inherited property requires careful legal, financial, and market considerations to ensure a successful and beneficial transaction.

When can you sell an inherited home?

You can sell an inherited home once a few key legal and administrative steps are completed. The timing largely depends on the probate process as this validates the will and authorizes the distribution of the estate, including real estate.

The length of the probate process varies, often taking several months to over a year, depending on the complexity of the estate and the specific laws of your state. 

During probate, the executor of the estate, appointed in the will, manages the property. If no will exists, the court appoints an administrator. Once probate concludes and you officially inherit the home, you gain the legal right to sell it. 

The best time to sell inherited property

It's advisable to evaluate the property's condition and market trends before deciding to sell. A well-timed sale in favorable market conditions can maximize your financial return.

In some situations, you might have the option to sell the home during probate with court approval, especially if it's necessary to settle the estate’s debts. This scenario, though, is less common and can be more complex.

You can sell an inherited home after probate, ensuring all legal requirements are met and market conditions have been considered.

Can other beneficiaries force you to sell an inherited home?

This answer depends on the estate's specifics and the nature of your ownership. 

If you inherit a property jointly with others, each party has equal rights to the property, and selling decisions must usually be agreed upon by all.

In cases where consensus isn't reached, a beneficiary looking to sell can seek a court order for a process known as 'partition'. This legal action can force the sale of the property, with the proceeds divided among the co-owners. 

Partition, however, is often seen as a last resort due to the legal costs and potential strain on the relationships involved.

If the property is left to multiple beneficiaries in a trust, the trustee has the authority to decide to sell the property, depending on the trust's terms. Beneficiaries can challenge the trustee's decisions, but this requires legal grounds and often leads to litigation.

When a will dictates the property's sale and division of proceeds, all beneficiaries must comply, regardless of individual preferences.

Selling inherited property to cash buyers

To say the very least, selling inherited property can be a lengthy and complex process—but it doesn’t have to be. 

Once you have the legal clearance to sell the home, reputable cash buyers like Real Estate Bidders can make a fair offer and close in as little as two weeks. 

No need to work with agents or lenders, you can offload the property in the condition as is and walk away with cash. 

A cash sale simplifies the process of selling inherited property and allows you to move on swiftly from what may have been an already emotionally taxing situation. 

Are you ready to sell your inherited property for cash?

Selling inherited property can be a challenge. You may already be in a difficult situation and are suddenly responsible for a family home, land, or any other type of inherited property.

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