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The 10 Best Companies That Offer Cash for Houses in Georgia

Are you looking to sell your Georgia home quickly and hassle-free? You’re not alone. Increasingly, homeowners like you are turning to the convenient option of using companies that offer cash for houses. 

These specialized home buyers simplify transactions by purchasing properties directly from sellers with all-cash offers within days.

If you’re hoping to offload your property quickly, without the hassle of agents and negotiations, keep reading for the 10 best companies that offer cash for houses in Georgia. 

Skip ahead: Get your cash offer in as little as 24 hours. 

Why choose a cash-for-houses company?

These companies buy homes directly from sellers as-is, skipping tedious staging, repairs, cleaning, and property showings. 

Simply move your stuff and hand over the keys at closing upon getting paid in cash.

Cash buyers also allow for accelerated deadlines, often closing in a week or two in Georgia’s market. This timeline caters to sellers facing pressing needs to sell due to relocation, inheritance, non-occupancy fees, or other unique situations requiring a quick sale.

By eliminating head-spinning steps and timelines of conventional listings in favor of simple, expedited sales, cash home buyers offer sellers speed and convenience. 

The top 10 companies that buy houses for cash in Georgia

Find out the best options for selling your home quickly and getting a fair cash offer. 

Contact one of these top cash-for-houses agencies serving Georgia residents.

1. Real Estate Bidders

  • Overview: Real Estate Bidders provides a unique home-buying experience, utilizing an online bidding process for homeowners to sell quickly and efficiently in Georgia.
  • Process: After you submit your property details with Real Estate Bidders, you will be connected with an investor who can place a cash offer on your house. You pick the winning offer based on factors such as the offer amount and closing timeline.
  • Perks: REB offers a network of cash investors who can provide all-cash offers and a closing process in as little as two weeks.


  • Overview: can get your home sold in record speed by connecting you with a cash investor. 
  • Process: You provide basic property and homeowner information online. In as little as 24 hours you could have a cash offer on your home. 
  • Perks: No repairs necessary, sell your home as-is in as little as two weeks, with a flexible closing date.  

3. Offerpad

  • Overview: Known for tech-powered ease and flexible timelines, Offerpad is a top cash home buyer platform. Sell on your schedule with options from 10-90 days to close.
  • Process: An Offerpad agent provides real-time offers using local market data. There’s no obligation to say yes, and you pick your closing date.
  • Perks: Get locked-in offer pricing, extended closing options, and free local movers.

4. Myers House Buyers

  • Overview: Myers House Buyers pride themselves on fair cash offers and transparent transactions for sellers in Georgia and across the nation. They strive to make the process smooth, fast, and rewarding.
  • Process: A local Myers agent will assess your home and situation to customize the best cash offer and sale plan for you. You can close on the deal quickly or at a time that works best for you.
  • Perks: You can expect professional agents who work with you to walk through your home, make a fair cash offer, and require no fees or commissions to be paid. 

5. Cash Out House

  • Overview: Cash Out House strives to make it fast and hassle-free for homeowners in Atlanta and the surrounding areas to convert their property into cash in hand. No agent commissions are required.
  • Process: Provide details online or call for an estimate and schedule an in-home assessment. Expect your all-cash offer in under 5 days.
  • Perks: Cash out on your house with a 45-day vacancy guarantee, and free junk removal. Leave the home as-is without any repairs.

6. Simple Sale

  • Overview: As their name suggests, Simple Sale makes selling your home for cash straightforward with upfront offers, flexible timelines, and a streamlined process.
  • Process: After contacting Simple Sale online or by phone, an agent will set up a time to review your property before delivering a hassle-free cash offer.
  • Perks: Simple Sale agents have years of experience, offer cash offers without any realtor commissions, and manage repairs if needed

7. Express Home Buyers

  • Overview: True to their name, Express Home Buyers provides Georgia sellers expedited cash transactions, closing deals typically in 7-14 days from contract signing.
  • Process: Express Home Buyers provides over-the-phone estimates before an in-person home analysis. Submit your property details online for a cash offer within 24 hours.
  • Perks: Get no-obligation offers and professional house cleanout services, from a company with a positive local reputation

8. Maximum Cash Home Buyers

  • Overview: Known for no-nonsense home buying, Maximum Cash offers quick deals for Atlanta properties in any condition for fair cash prices.
  • Process: Call or inquire online for an estimate. An agent will follow up to confirm details and deliver your guaranteed all-cash offer letter onsite.
  • Perks: Customize your closing timeframe. No repair costs and no realtor commissions are required.

9. New Horizon Home Buyers

  • Overview: New Horizon is a family-owned cash-for-houses company buying houses throughout Georgia.
  • Process: Fill out their online form with details about the property and they’ll schedule an on-site visit before presenting you an offer. 
  • Perks: Choose your own closing date, sell the house as-is, and walk away with a check.

10. Georgia Fair Offer

  • Overview: Georgia Fair Offer is a local company buying houses throughout Atlanta and surrounding areas.
  • Process: Reach out online, by phone, or by text. They research comparable properties and visit your home to determine a fair offer.
  • Perks: No obligation and it’s free to set up a walkthrough and get an offer. 

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