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The 10 Best Companies Paying Cash for Houses in Florida

Do you live in Florida? Are you interested in selling your home but finding it difficult to generate interest? 

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the median number of days a home stays on the market in Florida is 55. For some sellers, that’s entirely too long to wait. Remember, this doesn’t account for the time between signing a contract and closing day.

It may be time to consider the many companies in the Sunshine State that pay cash for houses. This speeds up the sales process while allowing you to secure funds sooner rather than later. 

Get a zero-obligation cash offer for your house today!

The top companies paying cash for houses in Florida

It’s not good enough to find just any company that pays cash for houses in Florida. You need to find one of the best companies. In this context, best means many things:

  • A solid reputation in the real estate industry
  • Hundreds (or thousands) of satisfied customers
  • A detailed process for buying homes for cash
  • Competitive offers 
  • Fast-closing times

Cash for houses in Florida with Real Estate Bidders  

Many companies in Florida have a strong reputation for making fair cash offers for real estate. That includes Real Estate Bidders

We make the process of selling your property the easiest that it can be. There’s no need for credit checks, fees, hassle, real estate agents, or commissions.  

We connect motivated sellers with trusted buyers who make a fair cash offer in as little as 24 hours. Homeowners can go under contract in as little as 72 hours and close in about two weeks. 

Sell your home in the condition it is without making any repairs or improvements that agents often recommend. We can’t make it any easier than that. 

Other companies that offer cash for houses

Real Estate Bidders isn’t the only quality cash buyer on the market. Sellers should do their own due diligence but below are some additional reputable buyers. 

South Florida Cash Home Buyers

If you’re in South Florida and need to sell your house quickly, consider South Florida Cash Home Buyers. They’ve been purchasing homes since 2011, with over 300 properties acquired. 

Whether you're dealing with divorce, inheritance issues, or mortgage arrears, they offer tailored solutions. Focused on single and multi-family homes, especially in areas like Miami Gardens, they provide a cash payment and aim for a rapid closing process.

Florida Cash Home Buyers

When you contact Florida Cash Home Buyers about selling your home, their buying managers will gather basic information about your property and listen to your needs. They don't offer immediate cash bids over the phone but will provide an offer range. This approach avoids the misleading high offers often seen in the industry. Instead, they research your property thoroughly to make a fair, realistic offer based on your situation. 

Florida Cash For Home 

To sell your house with Florida Cash for Home, start by contacting their home specialists or using their quick offer form for an initial proposal. They provide all the necessary paperwork for a smooth process. 

Next, select and sign a sales agreement that suits your needs, either online or in person. You have full control over the timeline for selling your home, ensuring a stress-free experience with the flexibility to move at your own pace. 

House Heroes Florida 

House Heroes simplifies selling your house in Florida. They buy properties "as-is," meaning no repairs are needed from you. 

This approach eliminates the need for real estate agents, open houses, and handling renovations, saving you time and money. 

Their offers are cash-based, free, and come with no obligations. You have the flexibility to choose the closing date that works for you, streamlining the selling process.

We Buy Ugly Houses-Florida

We Buy Ugly Houses offers a hassle-free home-selling. Known for their competitive cash offers, they have a longstanding reputation for assisting homeowners for over 25 years. Their network of independent cash home buyers has contributed to a high satisfaction rate among the 140,000+ sellers they've helped. 

Whether you're facing foreclosure, dealing with an inherited property, undergoing financial challenges, or simply downsizing for retirement, their experienced team understands the diverse reasons for selling and offers guidance throughout the process.

Sell To Bobby

Sell To Bobby offers a straightforward approach to selling your house in Florida. They understand the concerns of unexpected repairs and expenses that can arise during home inspections, like roof damage or termites. That's why they buy houses in their current, as-is condition, handling all necessary repairs themselves. 

Additionally, they eliminate the worry of hidden fees or commissions. You'll receive a clear understanding of the cash offer upfront, with all closing costs covered by them. 

Obi Buys

Obi Buys is a trusted family-owned cash homebuyer in Jacksonville. They specialize in offering fair prices and hassle-free transactions, understanding the unique qualities of Jacksonville's diverse neighborhoods.

Ideal for homeowners facing high closing costs, unable to afford realtor fees, or dealing with houses needing significant repairs, Obi Buys streamlines the selling process.

Duval Home Buyers

Duval Home Buyers offers a personalized home-selling experience in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Joining over 4,000 satisfied clients, you'll receive dedicated support throughout your sales journey. 

They cater to any situation and buy homes in any condition. Selling your Jacksonville home with their program means a straightforward and successful transaction, no matter your unique circumstances.

Buying Jax Homes

Buying Jax Homes is a house-buying company in Jacksonville that offers cash for houses regardless of their condition. If you're considering selling your house for cash, they provide a hassle-free process: no repairs, inspections, agents, fees, or commissions. 

They buy homes as-is, even welcoming properties that need significant repairs, as they specialize in house flipping.


iBuyer has a strong presence in Florida but purchases homes for cash in most parts of the country. Enter your home's address to receive an instant, data-driven estimate of its value. 

You'll be connected to iBuyers’ nationwide network of investors who are ready to purchase homes sight unseen, potentially giving you an offer the same day. 

Cash for houses in Florida with Real Estate Bidders  

All of these companies have a strong reputation for making fair cash offers for property in Florida. But at Real Estate Bidders, we have a history of happy homeowners

Make the process of selling your property the easiest that it can be. No need for credit checks, hassle, real estate agents, commissions, or any delays.  

Get started with Real Estate Bidders today to get a cash offer for your house.